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Types of Implants

Different Types of Implants

Implant Locator Attachments

Are you tired of using denture adhesives? With as little as two implants you will never have to use it again. It is a relatively fast, minimally invasive simple procedure. After the implants are placed, the surgeon covers them with healing caps. At this time we adjust your current denture to keep you comfortable while the bone grows to the implant.

After four to six months, the healing caps come off and are replaced with locators. After this is done, a new denture is made with attachments that snap on to the locators.

Benefits of locator attachments:
  • They are self-aligning & you can BITE them into place without any damage.
  • A patented combination of inner & outer retention ensures the longest lasting performance.
  • Choice of preferred retention strength with different easily exchangeable locator replacement males.
  • Lowest height saves interocclusal space.

All-on-4® Procedure

Get the freedom of Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day for both your upper and lower jaw!
Permanent Teeth-in-a-Day is exactly as it sounds: permanent, secure teeth in just one day. This solution is made possible through the use of a treatment called All-on-4.

The All-on-4 procedure uses strategically placed implants to find the strongest bone. Unlike traditional implants, two of the four are placed on an angle. This allows us to load the bridge immediately and eliminates the four to six months of healing time before a secure bridge can be placed. There is often no need for bone grafts when using this technique.

On the day of the surgery, all the prep work has been completed and the denture is ready to be converted into a bridge. So you walk into the surgeon’s office wearing a denture and leave the same day with a permanent, secure bridge.